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Thin-profile modular shelf units

The ThinLine system comprises of modular static units with high capacity tiers, providing high density storage and filing. Units can feature any number of tiers of a common depth and can be simply rearranged or increased at any time. ThinLine units can also be fixed onto a Roll Away, moving aisle base or mobile racking system. For added security ThinLine units can be fitted with lockable tambour doors.

Greater capacity

On average, a seven tier ThinLine unit has the capacity equal to three four-drawer cabinets and uses less floor space than a single four-drawer cabinet as illustrated. ThinLine's unique, thin profile allows maximum storage. Units can be used as static cabinets or grouped on a Roll Away or mobile base.

Space saving mobile configuration

When configured onto a mobile base, a significant increase in storage capacity can be achieved for the same amount of floor space compared with static systems.

Templestock's mobile bases are specifically designed on a project-by-project basis to ensure they meet the exact requirements of the client. ThinLine mobile systems are modular, which means easier installation, expansion and adaption. ThinLine can be installed with mimimal alterations needed to the work space, and they can be relocated or removed without damage to the floor.

Mobile units are moved with the minimum of effort via ergonomically-designed hand wheels geared to allow ease of movement. Hand wheels incorporate safety locks to ensure bays can be locked in place while each aisle is accessed.

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Templestock is a designer and manufacturer of filing and storage solutions for the optimisation of space and provision of flexible working environments. We offer specialist knowledge in the development and production of specific customer driven requests for product solutions.FSC® compliant products are only available upon request.

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